Causes of Global Warming

Our planet is in huge problem from the global warming effects. There are many causes for global warming one of them is the CO2. Carbon dioxide makes a lair in the atmosphere that stop the sun heat going out. There are huge numbers of cars run on patrol and produce from it is carbon dioxide. Other type of transpiration like airplane and ships also produce carbon dioxide because they use another type of fuel like diesel for ships and kerosene for airplane. Airplanes are more dangerous because the CO2 goes out from the airplane to the atmosphere immediately so the ozone affected more and faster from cars and ships.


Abdullah_Alkhaja said...

this causes can destroy our wildlife, is it any way to prevent these causes?

Hasan said...

there is no problem without a solution. the solution for this problem is very simple and it is by reducing the amount of greenhouses gases that we are produce these days.