What we can do

To make the earth better and to have the best future I and all the people have to save our planet by using clean energy sources and stop all the wars, Wars also a reason for producing many harmful things. We have to think together in new ways for transporting, fishing and any thing that we use machines to do or make it. We have to reduce our consumption from fuel because it will destroy us if not know in the near future. I hope that my government will reduce the number of oil barrels that they make and foxing on the renewable energy.



Hamill Alamrei said...

Can you give me some examples of activities that you could strat with.

Hamill Alamrei said...

What you think about the UAE as one of the main countries that involved in increasing the Global warming.

Hasan said...

activities like conferences that join people from around the world and speak about global warming and tring to make sloutions to reduce the effects of global warming and it causes.

in the near future the UAE will use renewable energy like solar power. there are few farms in Fujairah that make energy from wind