Global warming

Global warming means the change in climate. It is the increase in the average temperature of the planet near surface and oceans in recent decades. It effects all the living organisms and most of them are threaten to vanish. Human are the main reason for all the horrible things that happen and will happen in the near future. There are many causes for that one of them is the gases that produce from the cars and factories that run by human. Another reason is the oil that run all the cars and machines that used by us. We can solve this problem by using other type of energy source like the sun, wind and see wave.By using these types of energy sources we will improve our climate and save the planet.


Abdullah_Alkhaja said...

nice article on golbal warming, but I want to ask you about is global warming can cause pollution?

Hasan said...

global warming happens because of the pollution my friend. all the cars and the rubbish that we are produce effect the planet and make it warmer.