Global Warning

What we can do

To make the earth better and to have the best future I and all the people have to save our planet by using clean energy sources and stop all the wars, Wars also a reason for producing many harmful things. We have to think together in new ways for transporting, fishing and any thing that we use machines to do or make it. We have to reduce our consumption from fuel because it will destroy us if not know in the near future. I hope that my government will reduce the number of oil barrels that they make and foxing on the renewable energy.

Renewable energy in the UAE

The demand of electricity is increasing in the UAE and because of this demand the UAE government trying to use other sources of energy in stead of fuel. Solar power is the most convenient type that we can use here in the UAE because the sun is shining everyday. Around 2,200 kilowatt can be used to make electricity from the solar radiation from every square meter each year, this can be used to make electricity. Experts came to the UAE to show to the people full houses run only on solar power. In some pleases in the UAE also the wind is used to make electricity.

In my opinion if all the houses in the UAE use solar power instead of the electricity that produced from burning fuel the emissions of CO2 will be reduced to low levels. All the people should use renewable energy for better future.

Global Warming: Keep Holding On

Effect of weather change.

The main effect for global warming is the changing in weather condition from rain to temperature. Many countries had been effected with extreme weather condition such as hurricane and rain flooding. An example for hurricane is Katrina hurricane that hit the USA. It caused many loses in humans, economy and all the facilities in the area that been hit by the hurricane. More than 1800 people dead in the storm and it caused damages estimated to reach $81billion. Another extreme weather condition is the heat waves. Heat waves happen mostly in summer when the temperature goes up more than the normal for several days with high humidity. In the summer of 2003 more than 34000 people dead in Europe because of a heat wave.

Effects of global warming

The effects of global warming are coming to the surface each year more and more. Global warming effects are many one of them is the effect on the weather. Weather is changing every year and it is easy to deduct that. In some part of the world the rain don’t stop for several days making fluids, on the other part from the world it’s extremely dry because the rear of rain. Another one is the increase of temperature world wide. Which lead to many problems like forest fires and vanish of lakes and also increase of sea level because of the melting ice in the North and South Pole. Another effect is the effect on the economy. There are many countries depend on agriculture for income and because of global warming most of the farms are losing and don’t make enough. Also the roads and building need more many to spend on them for continuing repair work because of the extremely conditions that they face each day from rain to high temperature.

Wasting electricity in the house

In each house there are many type of electric equipment that runs on electricity. Many of them we have to make them run 24 hour like the fridge if we turn it off the food will become unsuitable, water pressure to make the water reach all the rooms and the kitchen and security alarm to make the house safe. Other types of electronics like television, radio and water heater. For the television and radio we used them for a short time when we finish of using them we just made in stand by, when they are in stand by them still using electricity so we have to shout them down from the main source of power. Water heaters also use electricity when we do not use it we should just turn it on when we take the shower.

Causes of Global Warming

Our planet is in huge problem from the global warming effects. There are many causes for global warming one of them is the CO2. Carbon dioxide makes a lair in the atmosphere that stop the sun heat going out. There are huge numbers of cars run on patrol and produce from it is carbon dioxide. Other type of transpiration like airplane and ships also produce carbon dioxide because they use another type of fuel like diesel for ships and kerosene for airplane. Airplanes are more dangerous because the CO2 goes out from the airplane to the atmosphere immediately so the ozone affected more and faster from cars and ships.

Global warming

Global warming means the change in climate. It is the increase in the average temperature of the planet near surface and oceans in recent decades. It effects all the living organisms and most of them are threaten to vanish. Human are the main reason for all the horrible things that happen and will happen in the near future. There are many causes for that one of them is the gases that produce from the cars and factories that run by human. Another reason is the oil that run all the cars and machines that used by us. We can solve this problem by using other type of energy source like the sun, wind and see wave.By using these types of energy sources we will improve our climate and save the planet.