Renewable energy in the UAE

The demand of electricity is increasing in the UAE and because of this demand the UAE government trying to use other sources of energy in stead of fuel. Solar power is the most convenient type that we can use here in the UAE because the sun is shining everyday. Around 2,200 kilowatt can be used to make electricity from the solar radiation from every square meter each year, this can be used to make electricity. Experts came to the UAE to show to the people full houses run only on solar power. In some pleases in the UAE also the wind is used to make electricity.

In my opinion if all the houses in the UAE use solar power instead of the electricity that produced from burning fuel the emissions of CO2 will be reduced to low levels. All the people should use renewable energy for better future.


Abdullah_Alkhaja said...

yes i agree with you that solar power is very clean to use as alternative energy. but how can people use it?

Hasan said...

there are some companies that make your home be fully run on solar power by putting a large number of glasses on the roof. for more in formation visit the link that shows in the bottom of the post.

Faisal Ali said...

I agree with you about using solar power instide of fuel but its dificult because most countries are not using and they counting only on the fuel. what shuld countries do first to change the fuel with the solar power ?